something happened to me recently and it’s.. transfer paper. honestly, it’s one of the best investments ever to be made. basically it gives you the simple task of printing what ever you want onto a tshirt, and so far i’ve had a lot of fun with it. i’ve only made two so far, but they are pretty much my prized possessions already??

Photo on 8-17-14 at 9.33 PM

this was the first one i made. i got the gem-tee idea from another blog, i discovered, that is perfect (even though, i don’t believe she blogs anymore). i really love this shirt idea.

this is the second one i made:


im v proud of this. so, what happened was, i went to goodwill to get a pocketed-tee.  i found this nice pastel yellow men’s shirt, that i was set on cropping and trimming. however, even after i cropped and trimmed, it was still awkwardly gigantic on me. as a result, i just cut the pocket out of the shirt, and sewed it onto another white-t. lastly embellished it with an insightful tweet from Ezra Koenig. it’s my favorite.

so, everything’s pretty cool and great with me and t-shirt making. transfer paper rocks.