music post of the day


mac is someone i gladly discovered this summer from, none other, than tumblr. this followed in immediate album listening, concert + interview watching, and fawning over him and kiki. i’ve concluded that i love him.

he has a super beachy, flowy, chill sound to his music that makes you want summer 4evr. then, his voice is just so lovely and nice to listen to, that you just need to stop what you’re doing and sit on a porch swing.

my favorite song off of his album Salad Days has got to be “Let Her Go”.

and it’s basically everything i’ve described so far. I’m floating.

my second fave song is probably “Dreamin” from his Mac Demarco 2 album. It’s the track to your daydream. here’s the music video, which is the best thing:

last of my personal top 3 is, “Passing Out Pieces.” it, on the other hand, has a weird carnival sound, brass band, craziness to it that I love. it kinda makes you feel a little insane, but mainly happy.


so, to pick a great summer soundtrack, since the days are coming to an end, i would go with Mac Demarco :-)))))