what always happens is that the summer passes by so quickly and just when it starts to get to the relaxing part, it’s over, and i’m getting for school the next morning. but it’s been really nice, these last couple of days.  i feel like i’ve gotten so much accomplished, and im happy and healthy, and i don’t want these nice days to end.  so, here’s a look into why its been so great.

1) i mentioned in my first real blog post that i was doing some room renovation. well, tuesday i finally completed that with painting my walls a lovely soft, grey color.


eventually i’ll probably hang some stuff on the walls, but for now the clean look is refreshing.


there’s my crate of records and then the shelf with the plants is also something my dad and i did this summer. i love those little plants.


so, that happened and im really happy about it!!

2) on wednesday my Dr. Martens came in the mail and they are literally the best thing ever



im seriously working on breaking the docs in. they go great with pretty much everything? then, also i met/saved a lil beetle friend.

i felt super cute in this outfit yesterday (mainly because of docs) :


side note is, i have too many striped shirts at this point.

3) yesterday, i trimmed my hair and then met my two best friends together after a long time and we watched two films and ate popcorn and talked.

4) then, tomorrow i leave to Tennessee for 4 days with another good friend of mine and it’s going to be a ton of fun.

so, end of summer may be all sulky and dull but i have to admit, it also comes with a few nice things.