music post of the day

well, i decided to continue the theme of blogging today and write about Brigitte Bardot; the blondie, French actress and singer of the 60s, who is perfect in every way. she was the whole package of feminine power during that time as a well known model with daring film roles and great fashion statements. not only was she a rockin’ gal of the new wave, but later she left fame behind to become a devoted animal activist??! so, yeah, she’s a fave.

i’ve recently been keeping Pandora set on Brigitte Bardot radio, enjoying the cute pop rock songs sung with French accents. i can’t help but dance every time i hear “Moi Je Jou” with it’s super happy, fun jingle. and i also just made a playlist including the song, “La Madrague” which is just nice and sweet and goes well with rain.

the Bardot song-list is endless, and can never get old. go dance.