i just watched The September Issue again, because why wouldn’t you watch it. it’s one of the best fashion documentaries there is, if you’re interested in looking into the insanity of the industry. and anyways, the 2014 September issue of Vogue is only 12 days away, after all. two days ago the cover was revealed on the Vogue website, and no celebrity graced the cover. instead, they brought back the supermodel after several years. (although, you could argue that many models have become very “hollywood,” such as the girls featured). but, that seems to be the big issue surprise of this year, and im sure Grace Coddignton is happy.

as much as i kind of despise the fashion industry and Anna Wintour, i can’t help but actually love it. and her. and i will definitely be picking up the September issue when it hits the grocery store, because i think my subscription ended.