music post of the day

im not sure if Alex Turner and Miles Kane are real people or alien heroes from the 60s.

The Last Shadow Puppets’ album has now surpassed how much you should listen to one album. i’ve known about them for a while, discovering them through Arctic Monkeys, but just recently have i really listened to all their stuff. and for the last 3 weeks or so, the james-bond-vibed record has been my go-to. there isn’t one bad song on it.

the first song i ever listened to was “Standing Next To Me” and i was always playing it on my ukulele, and its still one of my favorites. as well, as the Beatles-lookin video for it.

but i’m not sure anything comes close to “Meeting Place.” you are sent to some kind of magical planet of flowers and wonderfulness when the beginning kicks in with strings and horns and elevator-ish music.


then, probably the saddest song i’ve ever heard in my entire life is “The Time Has Come Again.” i cant control my tear ducts at all. i mean, any song with the lyrics, “meet me beneath the moon..” you know is going to be a very bad thing. and the strings at the end just don’t help in any way.

anyways, it’s probably the only album i’ve come across that  makes me wish i was at some shag-carpeted resort in the alps at a cocktail party, but secretly there as a spy chick and with a gun hidden in my beehive hairstyle. and i don’t know if i love anything more than the collaboration of Miles and Alex.

everyone has been waiting  for another TLSP album since 2008. they’re both almost done touring with their individual groups. i think it’s time.