although Alexa Chung may have rubbed this one off on me, Anna Karina is one of my favorite fashion inspirations of all time.  she was such an icon of the ‘French New Wave’ scene in every single way possible. one of my, oddly, favorite movies is Une Femme est Une Femme. i say “oddly” because it really is just an odd movie. her style in this film, however, stands out the most than in any other, in my opinion. the look is so incredibly simple, but crazy iconic.


1) what ever you do, you need a red cardigan and you need it now.

tumblr_l3srqaIq621qa60a6o1_1280and more importantly you need to button it to the top..

2) pair the said, red cardigan with any nice mini skirt with a 60s vibe. go striped, tartan, mod, etc.


3) black ballet flats: literally the most basic of shoes but the best kind of shoe???

Anna Karina 4

here’s my take on an Anna Karina thing

Photo on 8-18-14 at 4.07 PM #5

Photo on 8-18-14 at 4.08 PM #2

sweater: some thrift boutique

skirt: topshop

shoes: urban outfitters (so so comfy)

i think it’s such a great and easy look!!


5) ok. signature makeup. a power-cat-eye, topped with some pretty nifty blue eyeshadow.


you can honestly never go wrong with blue eyeshadow. i know it, you know it, Suzy Bishop knew it, too.

Photo on 8-18-14 at 4.37 PM #2

oh and a side tip would also be the low maintenance, messy bun/beehive hairstyle she does, which is basically just balling your hair up on top of your head and pinning it. but it can be effortlessly cool and 60s.

so, with just a few quick steps, i think anyone can be ready to embody your inner Karina.