Okay, I don’t really know how i feel about uppercase and lowercase. it depends on my mood.

Well, I’m back from the mountain vacation with my friends and there are pictures to be posted. For now, I’m going to give a quick review of a pretty fab book called #GIRLBOSS that I finished on the 8-hr car ride.

First things first, this book is written by Sophia Amoruso, founder + CEO of Nasty Gal+ ultra mega babe. I remember discovering the Nasty Gal’s tumblr a couple years back, thinking it was the coolest blog I’d ever come across and not realizing it was actually a cooler online store of endless cute clothes.  A few years later, and I don’t know how many hours I’ve spent scrolling through their seasonal lookbooks or vintage pages.

Secondly, this book is a gem for any and every girl looking for empowering life advice on how to succeed.  There really isn’t anyone more inspiring than Amoruso, a female who started Nasty Gal on a $50 whim and built it through #GIRLBOSS-power into a multi-million dollar business.  She makes you feel like you’ve got some serious potential up your sleeve with quotes like: “The only way to support a revolution is to make your own.”

She walks you through tips on good and bad in the success process. “You can’t act like you’ve arrived when you’re only just receiving the invitation.”

Most importantly, she stresses being true to yourself and working for what you want with all you’ve got!!

“Just be your own idol.”

After reading #GIRLBOSS, you will definitely feel like a #GIRLBOSS and you might just want to start your own entrepreneurial business..